Funny, crazy, full of atmosphere - so they know me
The English version "I'd like to paddle in your pond"
Funny, crazy full of pep and energy, but also thoughtful, considerate and placid should the mood arise, that's how you would describe Luis Berger. He perfoms best when he can let his natural charm shine, no emposed structure or restrictions during a show. With all his heart and soul he writes many of the lyrics himself and also composes the perfect music to turn his creations into a song. His success is apparent as can be heard on his Cd's and at his many functions and events. After pausing for a few years he decided, it was time for a comeback. His latest production "Mit Dir moecht ich gern Schiffchen fahr'n," already promises to become an Oktoberfest favourite. "I'd like to paddle in your pond" is the English version of Luis' "Schiffchen" and bound to get your hands clapping and those hips moving.